Three Sticks

  • Foster creativity
  • Develop logical thinking and problem solving
  • Enhances spatial Awareness
  • Practice math skills

There are many games that cater to the STEM learning program. They are a fun way to incorporate math or science exercises in playtime. Exercising player skills, the STEM games stimulate the mind. Children benefit from these types of games as they are still developing cognitive skills. One of the many STEM games that can be added to math class is the board game Three Sticks. With a geometrical board Three Sticks and similar games challenge players to create simple geometric shapes to earn points. Helping players to practice geometry such as finding the perimeter and understanding angles. By adding points every time a player creates shapes Three Stick and similar games help exercise and sharpen math skills. Children learn to the mental computations and practice geometry in a fun way.

Another benefit of playing with STEM games is that they require the players to think logically. For example, in Three Sticks each player has five power card and a reload deck they can use to their advantage. They can only use up to two power cards on their turn. Exercising their logical thinking skills, the players have to choose carefully what sticks and cards they want to play that earns them the most points. It helps children to think about creative problem solving. The STEM games encourage learning from a different perspective. Setting the games as foundation to planning and decision making, children can use the visual aid provided by the board games to think of solutions. STEM games are fun and different way of looking into problems and searching for answers.

Three Sticks and similar games help children be creative. One of the key components of STEM programs is that prompts ingenuity and innovation in the different scientific fields. These types of games foster creativity by challenging the players to come up with different shapes by only using two sticks per turn. It is important to challenge a child to step outside of the standard way of thinking and let their imagination guide them to new possibilities. Furthermore, geoboard games such as Three Sticks are good way to enhance spatial awareness. The players must analyze the points in the board to make the connections and create a shape forcing the mind to imagine the shape before they set the sticks. Three Sticks and similar games are great way to spend time training the mind while having fun.

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